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Restoration & Modernization

All things age and with that will come the time to restore an audio equipment piece so it can perform to it's full potential again.  In some cases that can be even better then when new!

If you have a piece you wish to use once again, and want it to work it's best, we know how to make it so.

Crossover Rebuilds

One of the best ways to breathe new life in to old speakers is to replace components in the crossover.  There are many fantastic older speakers available n the market that hold their own with what is produced today and a refresh of the crossover after 25-30 years is a simple way to get another 25 years out of them.


At some point furniture and speaker cabinets might benefit from a full refinishing.  Take advantage of those beautiful veneers manufacturers once used with a cleaned up or replaced finish.


Sometimes it's the full menu including refinishing or repairing the exterior, replacing the fabric or building new grills, sourcing replacement drivers, recapping or new convenient binding posts.

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