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Boise's source for high end used and vintage stereo and home audio.  Just Music, Beautifully.

With more than 30 years as a professional designer I approach all my projects with the core belief that all great experiences touch us in more ways than one.  The most memorable are those that stimulate several senses and that excite us or make us comfortable.  A great music listening experience only starts with the choosing of the artist.

At Authentic Audio we start with the quality of the musical reproduction.   No matter the environment, or budget, we help make sure your music sounds as it should.


Beyond the music is a dedication to the timeless character of beautifully crafted pieces that can fit seamlessly into your surroundings.  We feel you and your music deserves more than the modern "smart speakers" and the limitations of bluetooth.



The Authentic Audio mission is to apply principles that have stood the test of time and couple those with modern approaches and technology to provide, build or restore equipment that suits your needs and compliments your lifestyle.

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