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Currently Available Pieces

Restored or Consigned pieces for sale.  All items have been serviced and are in working condition.

Call or e-mail for additional information regarding each, additional photos, or to set up an appointment to check it out in person.  Shipping at additional cost.

Marantz 2500 Receiver

If you know what this is, go ahead and pick your jaw up off the floor.  For all others, this is the top of the line ever receiver from Marantz of which only 1650 were ever made.  True monster power at 250 w/ch but very elegant in it's presentation.  Like new condition.

Full serviced and gone through to include cleaning of all controls and switches, burnishing of relays, aligned and tested to spec.  New lamps.  And the scope works as it should!

Includes a new Hayloft Woodworking case of solid mahogany hardwood.


Tannoy Revolution XT 6F Speakers

Beautiful sounding and beautiful looking speakers in Walnut finish.  The famous Tannoy dual concentric drivers.  Includes spikes and boxes.

$850 plus shipping

Forte Audio Model 4A Amplifier

Forte Audio Model 4 Pure Class A 50w/Ch Stereo Amplifier.  Balanced and Line inputs.  No box.  From Threshold


Threshold T50 Amplifier

Pure class A 50w/ch amplifier. Balanced and line in options.  Near mint condition.  Includes original box and owners manual.  Fantastic sounding Nelson Pass Design.


Parasound A21 Amplifier

Like new this wonderful amp from highly regarded designer John Curl provides 250w/ch @8ohm and 400w/ch @ 4ohm providing plenty current for most all speakers.  For even more power get a 2nd and bridge them!  With both balanced and line inputs this amplifier is easily inserted to any system.  Original box and packaging included.



Sansui AU-X1 Integrated Amplifier

One of Sansui's finest accomplishments is packaged up in this black beauty, the venerable AU-X1.  Highly regarded and equally sought after this integrated outputs a whopping 160/ch.  If huge power supply and transformers are your thing, this is absolutely your amplifier.  Independent left and right stages throughout.  2 phono inputs (MM/MC selectable) and 2 aux inputs.  Independent amplifier gain controls.  No tone controls.  Maybe the finest sounding integrated we've heard. 

Near mint condition (one owner) and includes all original literature, packaging, and boxes. 

See related SE-7 equalizer and SC-5330 cassette deck below.



Sansui SE-7 Graphic Equalizer

If adjustments are your thing, this is your equalizer.  Wonderful near mint condition piece that was used by one owner strictly with the above AU-X1.  Includes all original literature, packaging and boxes.


Sansui SC-5330 Cassette Deck

This is a super clean like new 2 head cassette deck that was used maybe only a few times since new.  Works of course like a charm and looks really cool as well.  Was paired up in the one owner system with the Au-X1 listed above.  Embrace the tape!


Pioneer SA-9800 Integrated Amplifier

Fresh from 1979 this top of the line integrated from Pioneer is  stunner in blue.  Classic silver combined with LED meters compliments the powerful punch this monster provides at 100 watts/ch of class A and B power.  Super versatile with 2 phono inputs, one being switchable MC/MM.  Phono also has cartridge loading options for those that want to really dial things in.  Tone controls can be turned off as well.  Fully serviced including offsets aligned and relays and controls cleaned.



Sansui Au-11000a Integrated Aplifier

Fresh of the bench where it received a full check up, this Sansui 11000A is quite the looker and performs fantastic.  Classic Sansui silver and black styling makes it hard not to look at it.  110w/ch and plenty of great functions including 2 aux inputs and 2 phono inputs.  Phono input 1 has adjustable sensitivity and loading so you dial in your cartridge needs per spec and ear.  Tone controls can be turned off as well.


JBL L110 Speakers

Wonderful condition L110 speakers in Walnut.  upgraded 5-way binding posts.



Marantz 2265B Receiver

Classic Silver face Marantz receiver.  Professionally serviced and ready to go.  Fantastic condition.  65w/ch


$1,500 with Hayloft Solid Hardwood Case



Pioneer Elite PD-91 CD Player

One of the best looking and performing CD players ever made and this one is in mint condition.  Comes with remote, original box, documents, and packaging.

Professionally gone through.  Sled rails and spindle motor lubricated.

Pioneer Elite craftsmanship of the highest degree.  RCA Analog as well as Digital Coax outputs.




Sansui SR-717 Turntable

Sansui collector Alert!  Direct from 1974 this Sansui direct drive turntable appears to have rarely if ever been used and is in near mint condition.  That's even the blue packing protection tape there on the tonearm!  works like a champ.

$750  w/o cartridge

Digital Phase AP-2.1 Speakers

These large Floorstanding speakers really surprised us here at AA.  The 2 6" driver produce through the Digital Phase "Acoustic Reed" technology some sensational bass.  These are 42" high , 14" deep and 13" wide and weigh 79lbs each.  These sold factory direct originally for $1950.  Very nice condition with full front black grills.


$450 (no shipping available) 


Bel Canto Pre6 Gen II Preamp

Very versatile audiophile grade 6 channel preamp.  Perfect for multi channel systems (SACD) as well as 2-channel audio.  Programable/assignable inputs.  Balanced and line inputs and outputs.  No remote.  Includes original boxes and packaging.



Marantz SA-11S3 SACD Player

Marantz Reference SACD player with remote.  Original box included.  Professionally checked.



Technics SR1056-US

Rare find never previously used Reel to Reel deck.  Among the finest examples you will find.  Includes original Technics reels.



Sansui QRX-9001

Arguably the finest quad receiver made this one has been serviced to bring things up to spec.  New lights and cleaned. Small crack on bottom of face glass.



Altec Santiago Speakers

Fully restored cabinets, new foam grills, networks and crossovers updated.  Formerly from a local movie theater.


Acoustic Research AR12 Speakers

Refinished cabinets, new grills, replaced woofer surrounds, replaced felt surrounds on tweeters, acoustic foam around tweeters and mid range replaced, recapped crosssover.



KEF 104.2 Speakers

Beautiful original condition.  Replaced ferro fluid in tweeters and donuts.  Recap kit included.


$780 with recap kit installed

Pioneer PL-570 Turntable

Near mint original condition.

$700 w/o cartridge


Marantz 4400 Quad Receiver

Serviced and cleaned.  Scope in working condition.  Beautiful Hayloft Solid Hardwood Mahogany case.


McIntosh MC2200 Preamp

Upgraded tubes and draped in a one of a kind Hayloft Solid Sapele Hardwood case.  Remote, owners manual, and original box included.



Marantz PM-11S1 Integrated

The exquisite Marantz Reference Series integrated amplifier.  Dual mono block 100/ch into 8ohms.  Balanced and RCA.  Can be used as a preamp.  Remote and power cord.



Marantz Reference Series MA-9S1
Monaural Power Amplifier Pair

Pair of clean MA-9S1 amplifiers from the Reference Series line.  300 Watts into 8ohms/600 into 4/ohm

RCA and Balanced inputs.

$4000 pair


Apogee Slant 6

Recently replaced ribbons have these ready for the foreseeable future.


Marantz 2252

Fully serviced and tested professionally.  Excellent condition. 

$1,200 w/Hayloft hardwood case

$850  w/o case

Shown with Custom White Oak quarter sawn solid hardwood case with Carbon finish.


Hafler DH-110 Preamp w/Musical Concepts Upgrades. 

Hafler DH-11- Preamp with Musical Concepts upgrades including Line Stage, Phono Section and outboard Power Supply.



MCM Stereo Console

1968 Sears Silverton solid state MCM Cconsole.  Fully restored including new Dual turntable and networking capability.



Marantz 2250b Stereo Receiver in Black

Serviced black version of the 2250b receiver.



Hardwood Case for McIntosh

Solid Sapele hardwood case for McIntosh MC2200 and other similar sized units.


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