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Vandersteen 5a.jpg
Vandersteen 5A Speakers

One owner custom color/finish on walnut 5A's from 2007.  These were used in both 2channel and 5.1 theater configuration with high end amplification from Pass Labs.  Balanced connections only to outboard filter/crossovers.  Your amplifier is used to power the high pass section of the speaker only with an internal amplifier handling the bottom which makes these very versatile and easier to drive than one might otherwise think.  Many adjustments available to fine tune these to any room.  Never moved until now back into the original cartons and palettes.  Overall fine condition with only a few spots where the grill fabric is wearing.  Amazing speakers, especially at this price point.

$4,600 plus shipping.  Local pick-up preferred 

Also available to be added if a theater set-up is preferred are the VCC-5 center channel speakers, and a pair of VSM rear channel speakers.

$1,350 plus shipping

Package All 5 speakers - $5.750

Pass X5.jpg
Pass Labs X5 Amplifier

For those wanting to take their home theater experience to the next level, this could be it's foundation.  Who wouldn't want Pass Labs power in their theater set-up?  40w/ch class A then 200w/ch class AB.  Balanced and unbalanced inputs on all channels.  Includes original box and manual.


Audible Illusions Modulus L3 Preamplifier 

Audiophile grade tube preamplifier.  Pure class A, single ended triode (2ea 6H23EB), zero feedback, dual mono.  Outboard power supply.  Single owner and excellent condition.

Original box and manual.  Includes remote. 

$1,800 plus shipping

Marantz 2500 Receiver

The flagship of the Marantz vintage receiver fleet makes this beautiful specimen a rare opportunity for any collector or enthusiast wanting the best.

This 250 watt monster was produced from 1977-79 with less than 1700 of them ever made.  This unit has been thoroughly checked over professionally, cleaned and tested to spec.  Includes a Mahogany Hayloft solid wood case.


Audio Research VS-115 High Definition Tube Amplifier

If the tube sound is your thing but you need a good amount of power, this may be your solution.  Rated at 125w/ch into both 8 and 4 ohms ARC has provided both single ended and fully balanced outputs.  This unit sports 4 matched pairs of Tung-Sol KT-120 power tubes and Sovtek 6H30 driver tubes all from Upscale Audio.  Just gone through professionally and bias set.

Includes manual and all original packaging.



Marantz 2285 Receiver

Another fantastic offering from Marantz that puts out a respectable 85w/ch while looking about as handsome as they come.   It has been gone through, tested, and cleaned professionally and the tone controls upgraded with a new IC module. This gorgeous specimen includes a one of a kind Hayloft woodworking solid wood case.


Altec Santiago Speakers

Fully restored cabinets, new foam grills, networks and crossovers updated.  Formerly from a local movie theater.


McIntosh MX-110 Preamplifier Tuner

This highly sought classic preamplifier from McIntosh from the mid 60's is in outstanding condition inside and out.  Recapped and fully serviced  professionally in 2022 the piece has seen limited use since.  Specimens like this are hard to come by already refurbished.  Additional photos and details about tubes etc available for interested parties.



A wonderful 4 track 6 head reel tape deck from Teac that is highly regarded, this specimen is in outstanding condition.  Coming from one owner we have gone through this and cleaned and brought everything back up to spec including alignment and an overhaul of the pinch rollers so this is good to go!

Includes the original TEAC 10.5" uptake reel.



Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Concert Grand Speakers 

Near mint piano black finish on these highly regarded speakers from Vienna Acoustics make them look as gorgeous as they sound.  This musical 3-way design incorporates a 1.1" silk dome tweeter, a 6" mid range cone, and 3 7" woofers.  91db efficient, 28Hz - 22k, at 4 ohms nominal impedance.  Heavy duty cast stands with spikes and all original packaging and boxing included.

$2,400 plus shipping

Marantz 4400 Quad Receiver

Serviced and cleaned.  Scope in working condition.  Beautiful Hayloft Solid Hardwood Mahogany case.


Technics Sl-1210M5G Turntable with KAB Upgrades

An outstanding audiophile version of the famous SL-1200 turntable.  This beautiful single owner specimen sports upgrades from highly regarded KAB including Regulated Power Supply w/socket, Tonearm Fluid Damping System, and Strobe on/off selector,  Original box and packing.


$1,750 w/o cart

$2,250 with Dynavector Karat 17D3 cartridge   


Musical Surroundings
Nova Phonomena MC Phono Preamp

Audiophile praise the Phonomena for it's versatility and overall sound quality.  Fully discrete, dual mono with loading and gain for each channel.  Battery or AC powered for a reduction in noise floor.  MC or MM capable.  Includes original packaging and power supply.



Infinity RS2.5 Speakers

These reference series 2.5 from Infinity are in very nice condition and sound remarkable.  Surrounds on woofers replaced.  Emit tweeters and mid range,  12" single Watkins woofer produce clear and light imaging with solid deep bass.


Apogee Slant 6

Recently replaced ribbons have these ready for the foreseeable future.


Sansui AU 11000a Integrated Amplifier

Absolutely classic styling combined with great engineering from Sansui.  Only produced in 1978, the 11000a was part of the highly regarded and collectible Pro and Definition Series.  110w/ch  It has been fully serviced and tested professionally.  Excellent condition. 


$1,100 Plus Shipping


Cary CD 306 SACD/CD player

This remarkable player from Cary Audio plays CD's and SACD's (stereo) at a musical  level rivaled only by the finest players.  Exquisite construction, heavy, and attractive to look at this is a true audiophile piece of audio bliss.  Balanced and single ended outputs as well as digital out and inputs allowing this player to be used as a DAC for your other digital players as desired.  Eight fully differential DAC's and analogue output stages provide separate optimized signal paths for CD and SACD.  Remote and original box and packaging.



MCM Stereo Console

1968 Sears Silverton solid state MCM Cconsole.  Fully restored including new Dual turntable and networking capability.



Infinity Modulus Speakers

The best of the typically large reference series speakers from infinity but in a tiny package.  The piano black finish is striking as the output of these little marvels.  The wonderful Enit tweeter is complimented by a 5.5" cone woofer resulting in a speaker that measures remarkably flat between 180Hz and 30kHz.  These pristine one owner specimens include the important original stands.


Hardwood Case for McIntosh

Solid Sapele hardwood case for McIntosh MC2200 and other similar sized units.


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