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Lifestyle Integration

We understand the love people have for music and the many ways that it can be enjoyed.  Whether in the background while making dinner, shared with friends at get togethers, or the simple pleasure of finally getting the chance to sit back and relax with a favorite artist at the end of a long day in a comfy chair, what you hear should move you.    

Combining the Best of the Past With the Best of Today.

Bringing music into your home and back into your life in an authentic way can be confusing for mmany in today's world of mass marketed "easy" solutions. Frankly, "smart" speakers, headphones and Bluetooth connections do an injustice to the artists and their creations.  Fortunately, it's actually very simple to do better with ways that allow the listener to take advantage of today's simple access to nearly endless libraries of music through streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, and Quobuz.  Let us help you determine the best way to take advantage of that access by combining the great equipment of the past and the best of what the technology of today has to offer.

Make it Beautiful

We often hear that good audio gear has to be ugly, wont look good in your home or office, and it just too complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth.  When properly selected and integrated into your decor, your stereo can become an attractive focal point that also brings the room to life with music.  Some of the worlds most beloved designers have had their hand in the styling of many pieces over time. The result is timeless designs that reflect all traits similar to that of other highly sought after collectible furnishings. 

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