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Our friendly Neighborhood YouTuber

Like us here at Authentic Audio, YouTuber Jason Manning appreciates good music and knows how important it is to be able to hear it the way it was meant to be heard. He tells us about some of those ways and some of the equipment he's dug up that gives him an "authentic listening experience" that also wont break the bank (well, usually). It just so happens he lives here in Idaho as well and because of that several of the pieces he's reviewed on his channel have come from the Authentic Audio collection and inventory.

Jason and I of course met through an audio transaction somewhere along the way and have since had many opportunities to assess and listen to gear together. I'll admit, his ear is better than mine. And like Authentic Audio, his YouTube channel 2Channel listening is off to a great start!

Check out one of his earliest reviews here where he tackles a gorgeous set of KEF 104.2 we have available here in our inventory:

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